Picture of the Week: Snow on Vineyards

A rare snow over the vineyards near Longare, Italy.

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My Travel Bug is Itching

I suffer from a disease. Some call it restlessness, others insanity, I prefer to call it wanderlust. In German, wanderlust means “an ache for distant places,” an insatiable desire to travel. My wanderlust is what makes it hard for me to stay in the same place without traveling often.

My travel bug

I also refer to my wanderlust as my travel bug because of how I itch so much to get rid of it by visiting new places. It is now December, and I have not left the state of Colorado since July. Sure, for some people, staying in the same place for so long is perfectly fine, but for me, this stability of place is making me suffer. Last year, while I lived in Italy, I was able to visit new places all the time. Rarely would a week or two go by when I did not set out to visit a new town, region of Italy, or even a new country. Now, in the past few months, I have done only a little bit of travel within Colorado, but I ache to see more.

I am fortunate enough to be able to satisfy my travel bug in a few weeks when I go to Florida and the Caribbean. I will be taking a cruise with my parents, siblings, and grandparents, and I look forward to getting a quick glimpse at my former life of travel.

One of the ways that I keep myself in check when it comes to travel is my hair. Believe it or not,  I do not get my hair cut twice in the same city. This began the summer before leaving for Italy. My idea is that I need a new haircut about every 2-3 months. If I am not visiting a new town at least that often, then I am not traveling enough. With this method, I manage to at least get around fairly well. Here is a list of my previous haircuts:

Denver, Colorado, USA

Tallinn, Estonia

Dillon, Colorado, USA

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Terzigno, Italy

Longare, Italy

Frisco, Colorado, USA

My hair is starting to get a little bit longer than I would like, so maybe that means I need to see somewhere new. Perhaps my next haircut can be in 3 weeks in Roatan, Honduras!

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Back in the Blogosphere

Hello world. After a prolonged hiatus from blogging on my previous blog, www.alexgoestoitaly.blogspot.com, I have decided to start a new travel blog that is not solely focused on my year in Italy. Whereas before I struggled to maintain a constant rhythm of blogging, I am determined to keep this blog updated.

I guess we can start this off with the first Picture of the Week:

An empty vessel in a calm Venetian canal.

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